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February 15, 2018

Embassy Row Hotel Washington, DC

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Applications are now being reviewed from executives who wish to become members of our Executive Speaking Faculty. To apply to become a member of the speaking faculty, and to indicate agenda topics of interest, please complete our online JOIN OUR FACULTY application or contact:

Don Buford, Founder & CEO, iiBIG
Phone: 212-300-2521 | Email: donb@iibig.com

The Online SMALL BUSINESS LENDING & INVESTMENT Summit will begin with a view of the state of the digital small business lending industry from the proverbial ’36-thousand feet,’ presented by a roundtable of experts, followed by in-depth panel sessions and roundtables like these:

  • State of the Industry: Alternative Small Business Lending & Investing: Leaders from DC-based associations that advocate for small- to mid-market businesses, marketplace lenders and investors provide an update on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the alternative small business lending market.

  • Fintegration:” Bank/Fintech Partnerships Roundtable: Representatives from incumbent community banks, small business marketplace lenders, and other fintechs discuss the trend toward forming partnerships to grow market-share in the small business lending sector.

  • Loan Origination, Servicing & Collection Solutions for Small Business Digital Lenders: A discussion of the process challenges including the underwriting, servicing, and collection of digitally-generated small business loans.

  • Feeding the Beast: Securitization leaders; Hedge funds, Family Offices; Rating Agencies, and others discuss replenishing the capital pipeline for alternative small business lenders.

  • Small Business Loan Structures: Structuring small-business loans in the digital lending ecosystem is more than offering unsecured lines of credit. This session will examine the various lending models based on receivables, factoring, purchase order financing, inventories & more.

  • Knowing Your Customers (KYC): How are online small-business lenders setting themselves apart from the crowd? A discussion of strategies for innovating branding, advertising, and business-model adaptations that will take your small business lending platform to the next level.

  • M&A Outlook in the Digital Online Small-Business Lending Sector: As the industry matures and partnerships with banks become more established, M&A deal-flow in the small-business lending sector is expected to rise. Hear from the M&A experts on what can be expected in terms of roll-ups in the online small business lending sector.