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September 24, 2018 

PWC Auditorium

New York, NY

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To apply to become a member of the executive speaking faculty, please complete our online JOF questionnaire. Review the preliminary topic outline, suggest other topics, and tell us about yourself and your expertise. For more information about opportunities to join our faculty, please contact:

Don Buford, Founder & CEO, iiBIG 
Phone: 212-300-2521
Email: DonB@iibig.com

Day 1
Sep 24 2018

State of the Industry: Private Debt & Private Credit

A historical overview, a primer on these terms, and a big look forward at the emerging opportunities.

Private Debt and Private Equity

Why both sectors see this as a match made in finance heaven.

So, You Want to Get into Private Debt

Experts expound on legal issues, credit structures, fees, underwriting, transaction shepherding, sector specialization, deal teams, product differentiation, and more.

Private Debt Club Deals

How and why private debt firms work together to enhance both origination – and returns.

How Private Debt Firms Work with Banks

What do these relationships look like, and how do they work.

The Evolution of Private Credit Origination

How savvy private debt firms are enhancing their origination activities, and how you can benefit from this.  

Who is Funding Private Debt Firms and How Are They Doing It

You need money to lend money. Where does it come from, and what does it cost?

Specialty Finance

One of the biggest sectors in private credit that everyone wants to know about. And why you should too.

The Unitranche to End All Unitranches

A combined one-stop blended equity *and* debt product that could change buyouts as we know them. Myth or reality?